Safety Tips for Care Seekers

It is very important to screen all of your prospective Caregivers that you are considering. 


  • Always check references. It is best if you can verify that the references are legitimate for private jobs they have given as a reference.
  • When meeting a prospective Caregiver it is best to meet them in a location that is located away from the Seniors residence.
  • Always perform a criminal background check, make no exception to this. It is the most crucial part of the hiring process
  • Perform a credit check if possible.
  • Verify that the Caregiver has a valid Driver’s License and automobile insurance. If the Caregiver is going to use a provided car by you, be sure to check with your insurance company if this will be acceptable.
  • Verify that they are a legal U.S. Citizen.
  • When you have chosen a Caregiver, have them work a couple of times with supervision, pay attention to how they interact with the Senior.
  • Pay close attention to training them properly with the medications. If possible use a medication administration sheet to track that the medications are being given properly.
  • Once the Caregiver has begun working, be sure that there is someone who can do periodic check-ins to make sure the Caregiver is performing their duties as expected.
  • Always use your intuition, if something does not feel right, then that is probably the case. Even if it does feel right, always stay on your toes and be alert.


Many best wishes on finding the right match for you!


From the Team