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 Kinsington Place Memory Care



 Providing Compassion, Dignity, & Comfort for our Residents


Kinsington Place is a Residential Memory Care Community nestled in the midst of Kinsington Court, a beautifully oriented 55+ community.  Kinsington Place grew out of a need to provide quality memory care at a time when such care was in short supply locally.  The owners are committed to providing the best memory care possible for the residents who are the focal point of our every thought and action.  We are an inclusive community and welcome residents on a first-come, first-served basis, irrespective if they are private-pay or using Medicaid assistance.

  • Comfortable home-like setting
  • 24-hour loving care
  • Home cooked meals served 'family style'
  • Resident activities
  • Flat Rate
  • Care & Services not based on a point system
  • No limit on Medicaid Clients

Advantages of a Small Home-Like Setting

Our home-like facility with easy to find common areas provides a sense of security and warmth for people who are often anxious and may feel alone.  Our caregivers take the time to know each of the residents, and that connection is comforting and calming. 

        Each resident room has a "Shadow Box" outside where residents are encouraged to place pictures and mementos of their life, and that helps them recognize their personal space.  Residents sometimes do not recognize the person in the mirror but almost always know pictures of themselves from many years past.

        Just as in your home, our home-style kitchen and dining areas are the center of participation and connection.  These areas are both a gathering place and a location for activity.   Friends and relatives are always welcomed at mealtime.

        The intimate living room provides a quiet space for guests and residents to gather and talk in front of the fire place.  A TV room provides a separate location for enjoying entertainment programs.  Bonanza is a favorite.

Both of our facilities have as their mission to provide safe, comforting and dignified care in a homelike environment for residents experiencing memory impairment.  Your family members become members of our caregiving family.  Our caregivers are licensed and experienced in memory care.  But more than experience and professional credential, our care givers are known for their compassion and caring. 

        You can find detailed information about our services on our website or contact us directly by phone for help at Kinsington Place, 541-955-9866. We are also available in the evening and on Saturdays by appointment.  

Kinsington Place

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 Providing Compassion, Dignity, & Comfort for our Residents