Jun 21, 2018

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  • This is a party hosted by us at Eagle Point Brookdale. We have moved in so many new, beautiful seniors, lately, we are constantly being asked about pricing and details. Our parties are always free to attend and to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and food and drinks!


  • Hi Jennifer. Going to a party at Brookdale in Eagle Point that requires a "call for pricing details" ??? Say what ???

    • This is not a party that I am putting on. It is an event that Brookdale is putting on. It has nothing to do with you are maybe mistake it with the potluck we are putting together for caregivers.

  • Hi Jen, what about pricing and details, I thought this was a potluck. Talk next week, but might not attend this



    • Hi Diana!

      This is not the potluck for caregivers. This is an event being put on by Brookdale in Eagle Point :)

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