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Holmes Park House is a brand new, dedicated 12 bed facility dedicated exclusively to end of life care. We are located in the beautiful mansion previously owned by the Harry and David estate and located in the middle of Holmes Park in east Medford. We are looking for exceptional team members to join our truly unigue mission. Please go our website, view our videos, read our mission and apply directly through that website or email me your resume directly. We are interviewing now for our opening in May.  Best of wishes!   https://sofriendsofhospice.org/join-our-team/

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Randal Rieb

Holmes Park House
Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice
217 S  Modoc Ave., Medford, OR 97504

Holmes Park House Certified Med Aide

Supervisor:  Holmes Park House Nurse Manager (RN)
Pay Rate: $16/hour, minimum
Position Description:
This position is a certified medication assistant, certified by the Oregon State Board of Nursing
who offers care to the hospice and palliative care patients at Holmes Park House. The CMA is
responsible for giving patients at Holmes Park House their routine and PRN medications during
the shifts that they work. The CMA will function in the charge positions during the shifts that
they work. They may also receive verbal and telephone orders for medication from a licensed
healthcare professional who is authorized to independently prescribe. The CMA works with the
residences during the final stage of their life.
• Unencumbered certification from the Oregon State Board of Nursing as a CNA1 and
• No findings on the OBRA Federal CNA Registry, the CNA Abuse Registry or the
CNA2 or CMA Registry.
• Ability to provide care in line with the mission of mindful and compassionate caregiving
at the Holmes Park House.
Personal Traits:
• Compassion
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• High ethical standards
• Keen observational skills
• Empathy and resilient
• Physical and emotional stability
• Graduate from a Certified Nursing Assistant Program
• Graduate from an 84-hour Board-approved medication training program in Oregon or
the equivalent from another state.

Preferred Experience:
• Two years’ CNA experience.
• Experience in working with hospice and/or palliative care patients.
• Two years’ experience as a CMA in a Residential Care Facility or Foster Home or
Assisted Living facility.
• All responsibilities listed on the CNA job description.
• Under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, the CMA may administer medication by
the following routes:
• Oral, sublingual and buccal
• Eye medication with the exception of eye medications to a new post-op eye patient.
• Ear, nasal, rectal, and vaginal
• Skin ointments, topical medications including patches, and transdermal medications
• Medications by gastrostomy and jejunostomy tubes
• Premeasured medication delivered by Aerosol/Nebulizer
• Medication delivered by metered handheld inhalers
• Administration of PRN medication, the CMA may administer PRN medications
(including controlled substances) to stable clients according to physician or nurse
practitioner orders in the following circumstances:
• In response to client requests:
• Client request must be reported to licensed nurse and
• Client response must be reported to the licensed nurse
• At the direction of the licensed nurse when:
• The licensed nurse assess the patient prior to administration of the PRN and
• The licensed nurse assess the patient after the administration of the PRN medication
• CMAs may:
• Administer regularly schedule Control substances.
• Jointly witness wasted controlled substances with the licensed nur.se
• Perform capillary blood glucose.
• Turn oxygen on and off at predetermined established flow rate.
• Add fluid to established jejunostomy or gastrostomy tube feedin.gs
• Accept verbal and telephone orders for medication from a license healthcare
professional to independently prescribe. Such an acceptance can only occur when the
CMA is working in the following settings under the specified administrative rules:

• Residential care facility as permitted under OAR 441-055- 0210(f)(d)
• The CMA cannot administer medications in any route not already specified or any type
of medication not listed above.
• The CMA, as an unlicensed person, may provide care as delegated or assigned by a
licensed nurse pursuant to the terms and conditions in OAR 851-047- 000 through 851-
Physical and working condition requirements:
• Workday: 12 hours
• Stands: Often and for long periods
• Sits: Often and for short periods
• Walks: Often and for short distances
• Bends: Often
• Stairs: Occasionally
• Climbs: Seldom
• Lifts: Frequently an with assistance of equipment and others
• Kneels: Seldom
• Repetitive hand/foot: Often and for short periods
Application Period: Currently accepting applications for interviews in April,
position start date in May.
To apply please send in your cover letter and resume and visit
sofriendsofhospice.org/join-our- team/ for more information.
Please be sure include all of the following information:
Full contact information: Full Name, Phone, Address, E-mail, etc.
Credentials: Any degrees, licenses, and certifications
References: The Names and contact information from at least two references. Letters of
reference are also welcome but not required.
Answers to the following: What experience do you have with end-of- life care? Why would you
like to work for Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice?
Application Questions
• How many years of CNA experience do you have? __________

• Are you willing to undergo a backgroundhttps://sofriendsofhospice.org/join-our-team/

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