About Us

Caregivers4you.net is a social networking platform designed for the Senior Care Community in Southern Oregon.

We have taken every piece of the Senior Care Industry and have given it an online presence. So that everyone may have their needs met in one place. Hence our slogan, "Your one stop shop for all of your Senior Care Needs."

We offer superior services and we aim to protect you from spammers that tend to be prevalent on some social networking sites. And we are FREE! What can be better than that?

How do we keep our community here at Caregivers4you FREE? Through a few different means...

  • We have Business Patrons that support our community through the ads that you see on each page. We are keeping our ads as simple as possible and steering away from a commercial feeling as much as possible. So please try to support these businesses and click on their ad to learn more about their services. 
  • We are creating an extensive Business Directory to help you find all of your "Senior Care Needs" in one place."
  • We will be choosing businesses from different areas in the Senior Care Industry on a monthly basis to be interviewed by Caregivers4you.net and will be aired here on our Vlog (Video Blog) Senior Talk

We have so many wonderful things going on here for everyone at Caregivers4you!

And last but not least...Protecting our community is top priority for us. We are going to do everything we can to create a safe place for everyone here at Caregivers4you. It is very important to us that if for any reason, a spammer does sneak through and you catch it before we do, please contact us immediately and let us know. Please remember to read our Safety Tips to keep yourself safe when meeting anyone from Caregivers4you.

We wish you great success in having all of your needs met right here and we thank you for letting us be "Your one stop shop for all of your Senior Care Needs." Spread the word and Invite Friends! Share with your community in Southern Oregon about us here at Caregivers4you. The more the merrier!

Be Blessed!

Jennifer Peterson

Founder of Caregivers4you.net